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TRMN @ ConCarolinas
2017: 02-04JUN

Meet/Join TRMN at ConCarolinas! Hosted by the HMS Drake crew.

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Ship's Shakedown

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Promotion Announcement - Brooks, S

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23 Jul 2017


Welcome to the HMS Drake

Based in the Greater Charlotte area, the HMS Drake represents a portion of The Royal Manticoran Navy, the official fan club of the Honor Harrington Sci-Fi novel series by David Weber. This is a ship-maintained fan page, not the official organization's page which can be found at TRMN.org.

CrestThe Drake crew is a group who is family-oriented and enjoys getting together for dinners, movies, game days, fundraisers, conventions and more. We have an active group with a variety of interests.

For a snapshot of upcoming events, please check the left column of this page. The "Events" page also contains the Ship calendar.

Membership & Participation

Membership to the TRMN is free. Participation, while we hope to have an active group, depends on what real life brings. Most of the crew have full-time jobs and enjoy getting together when schedules permit. Some connect in person; some connect online.

The Royal Manticoran Navy

Many of the crew do participate at outings and conventions. This may include costuming, but it
is not required. The TRMN has military-style uniforms as depicted in the book series. Crews wear black polos shirts with their ship crests as well. Again, this is optional.

If you enjoy reading Sci-Fi novels, we hope you
will find your way to the "Honorverse" books published by Baen Books. Next stop-- Baen Books for a free E-book download, the first in the Honor Harrington series, On Basilisk Station. Enjoy!

"Let's be about it." Honor Harrington